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concerns continue, the man who will lead president obama's new economic team was formally nominated today. the announcement came this afternoon, the latest in a series of major cabinet changes. >> one reason jack has been so effective in this town is because he is a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than t.v. cameras. >> brown: with that, the president introduced his nominee to be the next secretary of the treasury, jack lew, the man he made his chief of staff, a year ago yesterday. lew would succeed tim geithner, who drew fulsome praise from the president. >> when the history books are written tim geithner's going to go down as one of our finest secretaries of the treasury. our economy is better positioned for tomorrow than most of those other countries hit by the financial crisis. the tough decisions tim made and carried out deserve a lot of credit for that. >> brown: at 57, lew is already a 30-year veteran of washington. he was a principal domestic policy advisor to house speaker tip o'neill in the 1980's, and negotiated with the reagan white house
: when we come back, president obama's new pick for secretary treasury. do i like it? well we've got a guest on who's an expert on it. good pick or bad pick, we'll discuss when we come back. >> all the talk about deficit reduction, making sususususususususususususususususususususususususususususususu before the sneeze, help protect with a spray. before the tissue, help defend with a wipe. before the cold & flu season help prevent with lysol. because when you have 10 times more protection with each hand wash... and kill 99.9% of germs around the house with each spray... those healthy habits start to add up. this season, a good offense is the best defense and lysol has your family covered because that's our mission for health. >> i never noticed jack's signature, and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency should he be confirmed as secretary of the treasury. thank you very much, everybody. >> cenk: that was
. >> that is president obama talking about his new treasury secretary. president obama introduced him nominee jack lew. he served as white house chief of staff. he has experience working on balancing budgets during the clinton an illustration. he will replace treasury secretary timothy geithner our who led the department to the economic turmoil of the first term. investigating emergency 911 calls during last june. pretty harsh words tonight. verizon and other phone carriers. the federal communication commission says large scale 911 outages occurred because the company did not follow their own safety procedures. four states lost their 911 service. they are calling for backup power plants and audits of the 911 circuits. now, a fairfax county team who is battling brain cancer received a super surprise, a trip to the super bowl. that is in new orleans. this story tonight, he was there when a young man who tends the high school found out about the surprise. >> these are the shirts folks were wearing. what they did not know is there was much more to this gathering. >> the domino toppings were the same and s
meets with president obama today. >>> well, there's new information about last year's secret service scandal involving prostitutes in colombia. according to a justice department investigation obtained by nbc news, two u.s. drug enforcement agents facilitated a sexual encounter between a prostitute and secret service agent just days before president obama's sit in april. the findings revealed the agents tried to destroy incriminating evidence. the case has been referred to the dea. >>> louisiana governor bobby jindal has desclared a state of emergency after a severe weather system rolled across the state. the real misery, that's coming from flooding. much of the state has been soaked by a slow-moving storm system. >>> and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. former republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan might be in or out of the 2016 presidential race. congressman ryan told the wisconsin state journal that for now, quote, i've decided not to decide. >>> ohio governor john kasich held a photo op thursday with some cute puppies. he signed a bi
and of course, take your calls at 1-866-55-press. and yesterday president obama named his new treasury secretary, jack lew. jack lew who has one thing in common with president obama's last three presidential nominations, john kerry, chuck hagel and john brennan they are all white males. does the president have a diversity problem? hey, we'll get into that. afterall, he is the first african-american president. but first the latest out in los angeles, here she is with today's current news update, lisa ferguson. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. vice president joe biden continues his talks on gun control today. he's meeting at 2:15 this afternoon with representatives from the video gaming community along with researchers who study the effects of simulated violence on young kids. last night's meeting with the hollywood entertainment industry went relatively well according to representatives at the meeting. they said the industry appreciates being included in the dialogue and looks forward to doing its part in seeking meaningful solutions. it still is not quite clear though
everything they can to strip americans of their right to keep and bear arms. >> president obama will likely reveal new ideas to reduce gun violence next week. among them, may include a ban on assault weapons and a national gun database. >>> looks like california's budget nightmare may finally be over for a while. we have gone from a $25 billion deficit to a slight surplus. governor brown rolled out his spending proposal today. it includes a general fund of $97.7 billion. it features an increase in spending for education, transportation, even a rainy day fund. cbs 5 reporter grace lee joins us from the newsroom and explains how the proposal represents the beginning of this new era, we hope. grace. >>> reporter: we have been talking about the bad times for so long it really is a new era. this is a governor who repeatedly has talked about fiscal discipline, even when things are starting to look good for california this year. so his message today is that that deficit may be gone but we still have a wall of debt to pay back from the hard years. an
diversity. >> jennifer: there is news that some people say is president obama most controversial cabinet member were the perspective of congress who is attorney general eric holder. he's going to be staying on awhile longer, although as late as november eric holder hinted that he would be leaving in the second term. why the seeming change in position? >> well, i think again it goes back to the fact that it was a tough re-election campaign. it was hard fought to the end. when it was ended the republicans started a fiscal cliff which they have manufactured. i don't think the administration has had the luxury of spending weeks and months in determining what the second term of the cabinet would be. if you were the attorney general sometimes they get in the middle things that maybe they don't want to end and leave office until its ended. there may be factors there. but right now the president wants to be deliberate, and the attorney general who is very close to the president, will afford him whatever he wants in that regard. >> jennifer: i agree and i think he has been a terrific attorney gen
. >> clinton meets with president obama today. >>> there's new information about last year's secret service scandal involving prostitutes in colombia. according to an investigation by nbc news two u.s. drug enforcement agents facilitated a meeting between a prostitute and an agent. the findings reveal the agents tried to destroy incriminating information that led to the incident. the case has been referred to the deo. >>> louisiana governor bobby jindal has declared a state of emergency after a severe weather system rolled across the state. security cameras at an industrial plant caught a glimpse of a tornado that tore through plaquemines that used roof damage. but the real damage has come from flooding. much of the state has been soaked by a slow-moving storm system. >>> and speaking of storms for a look at your weather here dylan dreyer. good morning. >> thanks. that's the problem, it's so slow-moving, that's why we're seeing so many flooding issues in areas of louisiana down into mississippi now, eventually, that is going to start moving into areas like tennessee, ohio, illinois, indiana
. president obama taps a new warrior for the debt ceiling fight. he chooses jacob lew to be the 76th u.s. secretary of the treasury. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. uncle sam wants to make sure you can afford that home loan before you buy. new rules to protect consumers from bad mortgage lenders are on their way. >> susie: and, we look at whether new year's resolutions, to lose weight, can pump up your portfolio. >> tom: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> susie: president obama named today a "low key" washington hand as his new secretary of the treasury. jacob lew is being called a man who combines tough bargaining with deep economic understanding and a commitment to protecting the safety net for the poor and the elderly. some republicans have promised to oppose lew's nomination, but most say they are reserving judgment. darren gersh has more on this pivotal player. >> reporter: the president introduced his pick for treasury secretary as a man who gets tough jobs done. and one of those jobs will be protecting programs the president supports. >> as the son of a polish immigrant, as a man of
about not using president before obama in a news story, "the new york times" peter baker also explained to irate tweeters, quote, that's the style on second reference for every president. bush, clinton, et cetera. i thought we could talk about it here. >> you have been wanting to do this. >> i have because this is, you know, last week was sort of the apex of it. but this is something i've been noticing for a while. i'll come on our show and other shows, and you know, we'll just be talking politics and i'll say, well, you know, clinton's doing this and obama's doing that and harry reid and whatever. and i'll get these, you know, i'll get people on twitter occasionally saying it should be president obama. always refer to him as president. show some respect. you're not being respectful enough and i'd say you know what? when bush was president, i called him bush. sometimes i called him bubba or w or 43. i call obama obama. if i'm in a formal setting, if i was interviewing him, if i was at a press conference, anything like that, of course i would refer to him as mr. president. you know, when
? >> this is an army as well in terms of the political aspects and obama. under lew and his new incarnation of a while back as omb head for obama, i have a piece that talks about how omb under obama sounds almost exactly like the tea party. it adopts all of their rubric about these terrible social programs, these terrible safety net, and how it is going to imperil our nation and what we need to do is be balancing the budget. in other words, austerity. had obama succeeded in following lew's recommendation in july 2011 when there were trying to negotiate the so-called grand bargain, which is really the grand the trail of the safety net, unemployment in july 2011 was 9.1%. austerity in the united states would have done just what it did in europe. unemployment would have surged. all through 2012, the election year, unemployment would have been going up well above 10%, quite possibly into the 11% or 12% range, which is where it is in europe. obama would have been toast. he would have been crushed in the election. the democrats would have lost control of the senate and such. and these folks, even today, are
amendment. the national rifle association membership has soared by about 100,000 new members in just over two weeks. we will be taking up the obama assault on the second amendment with his presidential power, by talking with trey gowdy and peter jensen. also tonight, a live report on big news out of washington. president obama officially nominating jack lew to head up the treasury department. shannon bream handles that for us. we will take an in-depth look at what has become an epidemic in this country. doctor robbie ludwig joins us on the psychology of what is a culture. what some call human graffiti. and secretary geithner not winning resounding support from republicans despite the fact that is budget director in the clinton administration, he presided over three straight balanced budgets. shannon bream has our report. reporter: >> i cannot think of a better person to continue then jack lew. reporter: president obama signaling plans to continue by nominating jack lew. he has handled a string of issues that has impacted the economy. >> he presided over three budget surpluses in a row. fo
and the flu set in. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >>> president obama meets afghan president hamid karzai this morning at the white house. the role with the u.s. and afghanistan will likely be the agenda. last night he met with secretary of state hillary clinton. earlier he met with defense secretary leon panetta. panetta says the coalition has advanced to the last chapter of the war and that he and karzai made very good progress on key issues. >>> reaction to jack lew's nomination to be the next secretary treasurer is predictably falling along party lines. most agree lew will be confirmed by the senate. president obama officially nominated him yesterday. he's currently chief of staff. he said he trust lew's friendship and values his judgment. we'll take a quick break on a friday morning. >>> coming up on the "morning news," life follows art. a snake on a plane clings to a wing on a frigid two-hour flight. we'll find out if there's a hollywood ending when we come back on the "morning news." people don't realize that taxes and health care are connected. the affor
gharib. president obama taps a new warrior for the debt ceiling fight. he chooses jacob lew to be the 76th u.s. secretary of the treasury. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. uncle sam wants to make sure you can afford that home loan before you buy. new rules to protect consumers from bad mortgage lenders are on their way. >> susie: and, we look at whether new year's resolutions, to lose weight, can pump up your portfolio. >> tom: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> susie: president obama named today a "low key" washington hand as his new secretary of the treasury. jacob lew is being called a man who combines tough bargaining with deep economic understanding and a commitment to protecting the safety net for the poor and the elderly. some republicans have promised to oppose lew's nomination, but most say they are reserving
. president obama and afghan president hamid karzai wrapping up the joint news conference after a series of meetings at the white house. they focused on the u.s. role in afghanistan beyond next year and one of the key announcements we just heard, afghan forces will take the lead of providing security throughout the country this spring and u.s. forces will move to what the president referred to as a support role for training and support. joining me, david sanger for "the new york times" and author of "confront and conceal." also with us, nbc's atiya bowi. thank you both for joiningo us. the president saying that it's time to accelerate the u.s. role, shifting to a support role as a result of achievements and i guess goals reached in afghanistan. >> that's true. they did announce that today but that's something that's been discussed behind the scenes in afghanistan for sometime now with the nato commanders in kabul. they have said for sometime that by mid-2013, it does seem they brought it back a bit to spring of 2013 wanting all of afghanistan transitioned in to afghan hands, giving the a
obama prepares to hold a news conference minutes from now live from the white house. good day. i am andrea mitchell live in washington where we are awaiting hamid karzai and president obama who will be addressing reporters in the east room following their meetings on the pace of the u.s. troop withdrawals. one big disagreement? the white house suggestion this week of a zero option, a withdrawal of all u.s. troops after 2014 leaving no residual force at all, but, first, the big domestic issue here at home. what to do about gun violence. the white house is pushing back hard on suggestions that they do not believe they can win a ban on assault weapons, and are focussing on other options. in fact, a senior administration official tells me within the hour that an assault weapons ban and background checks are both going to be in the final set of proposals that go to the president despite all reports to the controversy. the nra president who met with vice president biden yesterday is drawing a hard line on assault weapons. >> we don't think that a ban on so-called assault weapons, which ha
three of you. when you thought it was safe for there to be at least one obama nominee, there's a new voice vowing to block jack lew, coming up we'll have an opportunity to speak with bernie sanders liberal leaning independent who says lew is wrong for america's middle tax. >>> john boehner inviting president obama to deliver the state of the u.n. i don't address to the joint congress february the 12th. a couple of weeks away. >>> president obama is meetinging with afghanistan president hamid karzai at the white house. how many u.s. troops should stay in afghanistan after 2014, if any at all. we'll talk more about that. >>> plus, the flu, now widespread in nearly all 50 states and even if you did not get vaccinated. there's a chance you could still get sick? we'll bring you the details. >>> the big question of you, do you think the hollywood and gaming industry will be as on stin at as the nra when it comes to finding solutions to gun violence? sometimes what we suffer from is bigger than we think ... like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why trea
, president obama and president karzai will participate in a joint news conference this afternoon. >>> president obama is now on his lookout for his next chief of staff after nominating jack lew to replace timothy geithner at the treasury department. the president called the move bittersweet but insisted his loss will be the nation's gain. >> over the years, he's built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of both parties and forge principaled coprincipal -- principled compromises. jack has my trust. i know i'm not alone in that. i hope the senate will confirm him as quickly as possible. >> during yesterday's announcement, both lew and president obama poked fun at the media attention surrounding his loopy signature. >> you've been a friend and colleague for many years. actually, decades. the american people are better off for your outstanding service. and you know, i thought i knew you pretty well, but it was only yesterday that i discovered we both share a common challenge with penmanship. >> i had never noticed jack's signature. when this was highlighted y
in this country do not require a background check. the vice president will deliver his proposal to president obama by next tuesday. >>> there are new details about a shootings at a rural california high school. police say a 16-year-old student walked into taft high armed with a shotgun. he shot one student, fired at another, and missed, then a teacher and student supervisor talked him into giving up his weapon. tonight that wounded student is in critical but stable condition, and according to the cops, the student had planned the attack and targeted students he felt had bullied him for more than a year. >> it goes without saying to stand there and face someone that has a shotgun, who has already discharged it and shot a student, that speaks volumes to these two young men. >> teachers and other staffers had attended a safety drill less than two hours before the shooting happened. the gun used in that shooting belonged to the gunman's brother. >>> new tonight, a judge has ruled there is enough evidence to bring james holmes to trial. he is charged with shooting up a colorado movie theater last summe
your fox news minute. we are expecting a press conference shortly with president obama and afghan president. they've met today discussing the u.s. role in afghanistan after the war ends in 2014. the president is not expected to announce any further decision on further troop withdrawal. the blast occurred in a southwestern city. most of the dead were shiite muslims killed in a billiards hall. a suicide attack was followed by a car bomb minutes later. ford plans to hire 2200 salaried workers in the u.s. it marks one of the largest land increases for the country and more than a decade and will help build on the 8100 combined hourly and salary jobs that were added in the u.s. last year. those are your headlines. back to melissa and lori. lori: we like to receive that good news. thank you so much. the s&p is hovering near a five-year high. let's not forget the economy is not going gangbusters. could inflation we are its ugly head? jeff, i know that you manage money for high net worth clients and, i suppose, what we want to know is if you can help us become one of them? >> now is a cruc
. >> "america live" starts right now. >> megyn: fox news alert, growing pushback right now against the obama administration today on the possibility of new federal gun regulations. welcome to "america live," happy friday, i 'm megyn kelly. as they are set to old a gun appreciation day this month, more and more people are looking at keeping uncle sam's hands off their weapons. eight states here, have laws exempting guns with federal regulations so long as they're within the state's border. some in wyoming want to go further, considering a fill making any federal gun regulation after january of this year, unenforceable if it bans or restricts ownership of semi automatic guns and magazines. or if it requires guns and accessories to be registered. cries stirewalt is our fox news digital power play editor and power play live. so wyoming sort of sending a message to washington, we don't care what you do. things are going to stay the way they are here in wyoming and not only that, but if you pass some law banning semi automatic guns and magazines and try and arrest somebody, we're going to arrest y
obama's inauguration. >>> bernie kosar has new hope after struggling from effects of concussions, the treatments he calls ground-breaking. >>> it looks like a wall of fire but the sky is not burning, it is a spectacular storm. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. we begin with new questions on the white house's search for ideas to curb gun violence in america. president obama vowed to bring together the vastly divided interests in the gun control debate. today those sides seem more polarized than ever. the nation's largest gun lobby the nra is angry and apparently backing away from the conversation, says the white house isn't really interested in a dialogue. >> we knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapons ban it, is, he said no we've made up our mind on that. no, there's not going to be an agreement on that. >> today we're learning the nation's largest gun retailer is feeling slighted. walmart officials agreed to take part in the talks but in the end they didn't get to meet wit
on this story, we're going live to our correspondent in washington. what do we know now about the new framework for the u.s. a moment in afghanistan? >> the details on any security agreement that would kick in after 2014. president obama pointing out the goals of any security agreements, the training and assisting of forces in afghanistan, and the second being targeting terrorists. how exactly they will achieve the goals, new details of potential troop numbers. those of the numbers everyone are waiting for. obama, it was very important for him to point out the nature of the mission was joining from combat to a mission that was purely a sustained, advising, and training. that tells us they're very eager to draw down as quickly as possible. >> what has been controversial in the talks today? >> it is all about trust and control. they do not trust president karzai. there's a feeling that he says one thing and then does another. that is always a problem. on the other hand, it is about controlling money, troops, missions. he is not happy about how nato and the americans conduct emissions and raids. o
kerry, for the president of china, for president obama to build a new relationship, to overcome some of the serious problems we have, both on the security and the economic areas. i'm very hopeful that with his background and deep experience, senator kerry, soon to be secretary kerry, will build on his relationship with the president, and not take the communist party as a given, but help to support and spur, not only the economic reform, but the political reform which many people in china expect and hope for. it's, especially the united states, which is standing for the democracy in human rights around the world. cheryl: we'll be watching as secretary of state, the con confirmation hearings get andrewway. thank you very much. interesting discussion on china. appreciate it. well, a new twist in the shell oil rig that ran aground off the coast of alaska. the company is accused of tax evasion. yep. the violence in video games, a controversial topic at the white house today. we're going to be talking about that in just a little bit, and my co-anchor, as we go to break, take a look at the
. this is the first time the two leaders have met face-to-face since president obama was re-elected. a news conference is scheduled for 1:15 this afternoon. you can watch it live right here on news4. we'll also stream it live on >>> and the pentagon is bracing for another budget battle on capitol hill taking steps to prepare to deal with billions of dollars in cuts. defense secretary leon panetta is asking his department to brace for those cuts if congress fails to reach an agreement on a final spending plan. the defense department will start freezing civilian hiring and it plans to delay awarding some contracts. and hold off on some maintenance as well. the pentagon is facing nearly a half trillion in cuts over a decade. >> and inauguration day is now just over a week away. this morning, a big change in plans. the pastor who was supposed to give the ben diction at the swearing in will no longer do so because of anti-gay comments he made 15 years ago. the reverend removed himself from the service after getting criticized for a sermon where he preached that therapy could turn gay peo
the bloodshed. >> reporting on a violent day in pakistan. barack obama announced he is nominating the white house chief of staff as america opposing new treasury secretary. saying he has his complete trust. he will replace timothy geithner that does not wish to serve a second term. the vice president continued his meetings on how to curb gun violence in america. he wants to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet, but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. h
, hamid karzai having lunch with president obama this hour. the two leaders hold a news conference in the next hour. president karzai's visit will help determine how many u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan after the drawdown in 2014. chris lawrence joins us. the white house floated the idea of a zero option, if you like, leaving no troops behind in afghanistan. what's the pentagon think of that and a lot of these people say that really complaint hean'. >> i would say at this point everything is probably still on the table, but you're right, that number zero definitely raise some had eyebrows inside the pentagon. in fact during a press conference yesterday, leon panetta said the stronger position that we take about staying committed and staying in afghanistan, you know, that's how we're going to ultimately get a political reconciliation. in other words, he felt that signaling that the u.s. may pull out all of its troops would weaken the negotiating position about those negotiations with the taliban ever got started again. now, the taliban, that's been one of their demands. all u
degrees outside. >> president obama formally announces his nomination for treasury secretary. hear what the commander-in- chief had to say d.c. police are investigating their first murder of the new year. officers say an adult male was fatally stabbed a thursday afternoon. after an argument on alabama avenue in the southeast. police are searching for the suspect. we're learning more about an officer charged with sexually abusing a young girl. officer wendel palmer allegedly abused the girl while he was youth choir director at a southeast d.c. church run by his family. the victim says that he would have the rest of the choir go away but had perce a behind said it -- so he could perform sexual acts on her. his neighbors say they are stunned. >> cannot imagine somebody like him doing what he has been accused of. he has always been just a good neighbor. >> palmer is now suspended from the force. a judge ordered him to remain in jail until a hearing next week. >> defense secretary leon panetta is preparing for drastic budget cuts in case congress cannot reach an agreement on final spending p
daughter. but she wanted not to get attached here. lou: that's it for us tonight, good night from new york. spiezio president obama is now nominating jack lew to replace timothy geithner. welcome, everybody. let's just say this president loved the movie and it ended there. this president's cabinet is a far cry from that president's cabinet. again confirming it is more loaded with inside the box than outside the box. forget john kerry and chuck hagel. think of a time when a president surrounded himself with meaningful people. i'm not saying that jack lew doesn't deserve to be the secretary. but he's just not a lincolnesque choice. a president who dared to break the mold. >> is asking the world that they are up to the task? let's ask john layfield and chris stirewalt and myra weinstein. it did hearken back to a time when lincoln was very comfortable with the cabinet. what happened to those days? >> one of the things that has happened is we don't do much with cabinets anymore. they are there for photo ops. outside, there are a couple of key spots in defense justice. the president isn't engage
situation room." >>> brooke, thanks very much. new plans for ending the war in afghanistan. president obama meets with the afghan president hamid karzai. the white house looks at the connection between video game and gun violence as battle lines form in the looming fight over gun control. >>> and a new report on the flu. we now have a clearer picture of where this epidemic stands. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." it's the longest war in u.s. history and now we're learninging new details about how president obama intends to end it for the united states. after meeting with hamid karzai at the white house, the president said the u.s. will probably be able to speed up, to accelerate plan troop withdraws. some americans will remain, presumably, their role, though, potentially becoming clearer. our white house correspondent brianna keilar is joining us. breakdown for us what came out of this meeting. >> reporter: wolf approximate, the main headline is afghan forces taking over control from u.s. forces and that was from president obama and president karzai, that is set to take pla
a press conference today to address electrical issues with the new 2011 plane. >>> president obama nominating jack lew to be the next secretary of the treasury. the president said it almost didn't happen when he saw what would be the new signature on the dollar of the wallet. i considered rescinding my offer to appoint him. jack assures me he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to de face our currency. >> if that silly loopy signature looks familiar it looks like the top of a hostess cupcake. too bad you can't still buy them. >> curbing gun violence. >> their talks had more to do with attacking the amendment than the violence. we have more on this. hi there, peter. >> hi heather. the national rifle association was not happy after the meeting with the gun task force yesterday. the statement made it clear they do not intend to take the task force's recommendations laying douvenlt here it is. we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment wh
. >>> president obama's picks for his new cabinet members are raising questions about diversity, actually a lot of questions about diversity. where are the women? where are the people of color? anything anybody notice about all of them? ding, ding, ding! yes, chris, you are so smart! charlie rangel said on msnbc, it's as embarrassing as hell. melissa joan hart tweeted this. where is that binder full of women now? you know when you are being dissed by sabrina the teenage witch, have you a problem, mr. president. bill, i'll give you this one. >> that photo that's been so widely talked about, all of the folks in the white house, i mean, i don't know if you are allowed to say this on tv, but barack obama is black. >> yes, he is. >> and that picture is not representative of the whole team. >> he's also a man. >> dan pfeiffer is hungry, apparently, in the oval office. but some of the top advisers are women. half the white house staff is women. this has been a diverse cabinet. a diverse white house staff. >> not that diverse. >> pretty diverse. >> a double standard does exist. no way republican presid
in carroll county. >> rain shower chances increasing by this afternoon. >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:43. president obama will host hamid karzai at the white house later today appeared last night president karzai had dinner with hillary clinton at the state department. there will hold closed-door meetings today. there will be a joint news conference later this afternoon. four people are being treated after they were all struck by a car in glen burnie. the victims ranged in age from 16 to 20. two of the victims are being treated for life-threatening injuries. a judge throws the book at a teenager convicted of a deadly triple shooting. the judge sentenced sterlin matthewsto 115 years in prison for the murder of dequan burks. on the night of the shooting, he wore a mask, shooting dequan burks and two others. matthews rejected a plea deal. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. let's bring you up to date. we were still tracking some closures in carroll county on route 97. philadelphia boulevard at james av
to president obama by tuesday. meanwhile, a new poll finds that people in virginia overwhelmingly support background checks and armed police at schools. that's the latest on the gun control debates. allison, back to you. >> wisdom, thank you. >>> just into the fox 5 newsroom, the government is launching a full review of the new boeing jet, the 787 dreamliner, but there's a problem. this week there were fires and fuel leaks on several dreamliners and now the federal aviation administration, the faa, says it's ordering a review of the plane's critical systems. >>> after a few days focused on domestic affairs the president turns his attention to afghanistan. he'll sit down with afghan president karzai and likely will discuss the future of u.s. involvement there. u.s. troops are supposed to withdraw next year, but how many, if any, will stay behind is up in the air. >>> meanwhile, secretary panetta wants the pentagon to prepare for cut backs. he has launched steps to free civilian hiring, delay contract awards and curtail some maintenance. he's also asked department officials to begin plannin
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